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Summer has come to Charlotte! And with summer comes sunburn, and bug bites, and allll of the cuts and scrapes (#toddlers). We’ve been in a transition with a lot of products we used to use as we’re trying to go more natural. So basically this month’s Simply Earth subscription box could not have come at a better time!

June’s box is all about feeling better! And, as always, they provide so many ways to do that naturally.

I’ve already made quite a few of these recipes, and they’ve been used often! It’s so easy to do when Simply Earth provides all of the tools needed to make their recipes. Everything is natural and simple and thought out for you, which is so perfect. If you need to hear more about why I’m obsessed with this company, make sure to check out this post (or any on my site about them, ha!).

Simply Earth June Box

As always, the box comes with 4 oils-

  • Timber (new, masculine blend!)
  • Cardamom
  • Lavender
  • Bumbs & Booboos

and extras, this month including dried calendula flowers and aloe vera gel. The recipes include gems like a no stress blend, a burn salve, skin healing gel, and digest help roll on, to name a few.

Speaking specifically to one oil- bumps and booboos. I take my kids hiking a lot, or we go for walks or they scooter. I’m not joking you, my daughter scrapes up her knee before she even gets out of the parking lot. I use the skin healing gel, and I also made a roll on with the bumps and booboos oil. Both of those things go in my bag always. And trust me, they get used.

We also just recently got back from a camping trip where we kayaked all day. 8 hours. In the sun. On a lake. Hot. (I got fried…that’s where I’m going with this.) I slathered the skin healing gel alllll over, and it was instant relief.

The no stress blend has also been amazing. Dan’s job has been….stressful….if we put it lightly. Since he’s currently working in our bedroom, I drop a bit in there and wish him luck. I made a master blend of this, so I also steal some sniffs on long days with the kids.

This box truly has everything you need to help support your body in healing and feeling better naturally. It can be so easy to just grab anything chemical filled on the shelf. But Simply Earth products work so well, they’re completely natural, and they make it easy to ensure you’re keeping your home green!

The Goodies

So many good things about Simply Earth, but one of the best is that while it’s a subscription box, you can also purchase all of the things individually! Make sure to check out all of the goodness here. And if you are interested in subscribing, do that at the link right above and use code BLACKMONFREE to get a $40 gift card (which is basically the second month’s box free).

I so encourage you to sign up quickly if you’re interested! They do tend to sell out- but if they do, you’ll still receive a starter box as well as their big bonus box of goodies. You’ll also be first in line for the next month’s box so you won’t miss any more.

Noooooow GO! This is such a great box and perfect for the upcoming summer!

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