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Starting Your Day With Essential Oils

simply earth essential oils

I received products for this post in exchange for my review, but all thoughts and opinion are all mine. Scouts honor. Feel free to read my disclosure policy here.

Have y’all read those posts about how you’re supposed to wake up one hour before your kids- and if you don’t, what are you even teaching them?! (yes, heard that on a podcast lately.)

Well. My kids wake up at 6:00am. 6:30am on a good day, and 7:00am if the heavens have parted and a miracle has been bestowed. The few times I have actually tried to wake up before my kids, they wake up moments after me. I don’t know how, but I swear they know. Other moms have told me the same thing, so I know it’s real.

simply earth essential oils

Anyway, the point of my sharing this is so that you’ll understand why I am SO excited for February’s Simply Earth essential oils box! Since I wake up every morning to “BREAKFAST, MOMMY”, I don’t have the strongest morning routine in the world. But I have got a little system down, and it now involves Simply Earth essential oils every. single. morning.

(If you need a refresher on everything that’s amazing about Simply Earth and why I love them so much, make sure to read this post first!)

February’s Simply Earth Essential Oil Box

First, let me just share the contents of this month’s box because it contains my new favorite oil! This month’s box is focused on Love Your Skin!

simply earth essential oils
  • COFFEE (yes, it’s an oil!)
  • Frankincense
  • Fir Needle
  • Veins (a Simply Earth blend)
  • Rose Hyrdosol Oil
  • French Clay

This box, as all of them do, included 6 recipes.

  • Alert Roll On
  • Clay & Rose Face Mask
  • Skin Healing Body Butter
  • Espresso Diffuser Blend
  • Rose Hydrosol Bath
  • Sugar Scrub

These recipes are all super simple, easy, and everything you need is included in the box. Also, since everything is tested by a certified aromatherapist, it smells like perfection.

coffee essential oil

Morning Routine

Ok, so my routine goes a little something like this.

Oliver and/or Zoey- “MOMMY, BREAKFAST.”

Groggily roll out of bed, slap on glasses and slippers, stumble into the blindingly bright kitchen. Remember I have a lil’ something for this, go back to the bedroom, roll on some of my Alert roller blend, and instantly feel a little more…alert.

simply earth essential oils

Proceed to the kitchen. Get Zoey her yogurt and whatever Oliver wants that day. Fill the diffuser and drop in my Frankincense and COFFEE essential oils. (I’m capitalizing it to show my excitement.) Y’all, this is called the Espresso diffuser blend, and it works like that. It just smells so good and makes me feel so awake. Then I drink the coffee and do the things. (Emptying the dishwasher, making myself breakfast while the kids’ “play” [fight], break up said fights, eat my breakfast while doing my morning Soduku [yes I’m 80, it’s fine].)

If it’s a morning the kids have preschool, I’ll get in a yoga class or a quick at home workout before hopping in the shower. This is the PERFECT time for the rose and clay face mask! I tried this the other day and holy cow. The ingredients are so simple. I could feel it working, and afterwards, my skin was legit glowing. It felt so soft.

simply earth essential oils
This is after said shower- I feel so much better if I put real clothes on!

This is also the perfect time to use the sugar scrub. Again, I love the simple ingredients and how exfoliating this is! It truly feels like a morning away at the spa when I include these in my morning shower.

Listen, I know much is made of “self-care” and “morning-routines” and all these things we’re supposed to be doing to take care of ourselves. I very clearly remember when these were not things I easily do. Simply Earth’s recipes are so simple, and they give you all the ingredients, that I promise you, not matter what stage of life you are in- these make “you-time” seem achievable.

A Quick Note

Because Simply Earth has made such amazing boxes, they tend to go quickly! If you’re interested in subscribing, use code BLACKMONFREE at checkout and you’ll receive a $40 gift card. You can use this towards a future purchase OR your next box (so you’ll get it free!). Make sure to take advantage of that here! You’ll also receive Simply Earth’s Bonus Box, which comes with so many goodies to get you started!

simply earth essential oils

If they happen to sell out before you get your order in, you can subscribe and receive their starter box, which also comes with amazing essential oils, and you’ll also receive the Bonus Box with this! Make sure to take a look around here even if you don’t want to subscribe, because you can still purchase amazing products!

If you have any questions about this month’s box, or Simply Earth in general, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below! These oils are so amazing, and the company is phenomenal, and I’d be so excited for y’all to give them a try!

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