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Shop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift Guide

Shop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift Guide

Oh goodness, y’all. Am I the only one that procrastinates holiday shopping?? Every year I tell myself I’ll start earlier next year, Yet here it is, a week and a half before Christmas, and I’m not even halfway done. Yikes.

Since we’re in the season of gift giving, I really wanted to share a gift guide with you. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh boy, ANOOOOTHER blogger gift guide.”

Stick with me. This isn’t a gift guide telling you to get Hunter boots and more farmhouse décor (I love those things, nothing wrong with them). This is also not a gift guide full of links so I can make some last minute cash. This is none of those.

Instead, this is a post sharing some small shops with you that are doing AMAZING things! Here’s my process, y’all. If we’re going to be shopping and buying, why not buy from a shop that is going to use part of your purchase to help support others?! How awesome is that?? There are SO many shops that do this and I can’t possibly name that all, BUT these are some favorites that I really want to share with you!

(Each shop is linked through the shop name!)

Aid Through Trade

I LOVE this company, y’all. They are the original creators of the roll on bracelets, and they are GORGEOUS. They come in sets of 3, they are so high quality, and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. But my favorite part about this small shop is that all bracelets are fair trade and made ethically. They are hand made in Nepal by women artisans, and the jobs these women have making these bracelets is empowering them and providing for their families. These bracelets make perfect gifts for any woman in your life, so make sure to head over, check them out, and support their skilled artisans in Nepal!

Shop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift GuideShop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift Guide

Thistle Farms

I’m not going to be able to rave about this company enough. A friend of mine got me on this company last year, and I bought some candles for gifts for my family. Not only did they smell AMAZING, but I just love so much the heart behind this company. Thistle Farms is located out of Tennessee. They employ women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. You can go read so much more about them on their website, but it’s so touching to see them restoring the lives of these women through these amazing products! I so encourage you to check them out and help this amazing cause!

Writefully His

Ok, so admittedly I may have a soft spot for this small shop because it’s local to me in Charlotte. This company works through its foundation to support nine schools in East Africa by supplying them with paper and pencils that are bought with proceeds from your purchase. How amazing?! The founder was touched by hearing about how a simple pencil can empower the children in Africa. They now work with over 20 artists around the world to make their incredibly beautiful stationary and other products. I bought one of their card’s recently, and not only is it adorable, but it’s really great quality, and I love knowing that it’s one of a kind. The feeling of supporting children in Africa through my purchase is a giant cherry on top. Check out this store, y’all!

Shop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift Guide

Stella Bella Co.

I happened upon this fun store through Instagram, and I immediately fell in love with them! They’re a bow subscription company, so you mama’s of little girls- listen up! You pay a monthly fee and get a new order of bows every single month! (This is great for me, because I get bored with the same bows for Zoey.) These bows are so beautiful and creative! BUT, my favorite part- for every subscription bought, Stella Bella Co gives bows to little girls at their partner organizations. These include hospitals and foster care, and I just love the idea of little girls being helped to feel beautiful through a simple purchase! If you have a little girl in your life, get them a fun subscription and help a little girl who may not be so fortunate!

Love Your Melon

So this company legit makes me tear up a little bit. (Blaming hormones.) They make incredibly fun and pretty beanies, AND they give 50% of their profits to help fight pediatric cancer via research, pediatric oncology, and connecting with families. They are determined to connect with every child that is diagnosed with cancer, and they run a program with college students to help raise awareness and to connect with these children. Seriously, chills, y’all. They’ve raised almost $4 MILLION dollars for cancer research and given away over 12,000 beanies to child cancer patients. I so encourage buying one of these hats and knowing your money is going to such a monumental cause!

Ten Thousand Villages

This company is a bit bigger than the ones above, but they are doing AMAZING things! They sell so many different things, but everything is made with natural and recycled products. They’re made by local artisans as a means to sustain and support them and their families. Each item they sell has a unique crafter and story behind it, so they’re incredibly unique and meaningful products. With such a large range, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for the people on your list- all while shopping ethically!


This company is AWESOME! I know, I’ve said that about all of them. But it’s true. So this company makes such cute clothing and lounge wear. I can’t wait to add a few pieces from this shop to my wardrobe. Sudara clothing is made by women in India who are survivors of human trafficking. It’s empowering them and helping them sustain a life outside of slavery. This company provides these women with living wage employment opportunities, education, and skills training. This not only helps women rescued from sex trafficking, but provides stability to those at high risk. The names of the styles are representative of the women that they are helping, as well, which I think is so sweet. So you buy that next pair of yoga pants, but consider doing so from a company that is literally changing the lives of women!

Y’all, there are just so many more companies I could talk about. A quick search on Instagram alone will give you so many great companies doing phenomenal things. These are just ones I’ve come across recently that really resonate with me. I wanted to share with you some ways to help others and shop small this holiday season!

So if you’re like me, good luck with the rest of your shopping! If you finished a long time ago- kudos to you! Now I really need to buckle down and get to ordering from these shops!

Have a phenomenal day!
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Shop Small and Give Back- A Holiday Gift Guide








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