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Photo Backup- Picture Keeper Pro Review

Off the top of your head, how many pictures do you have on your computer and/or phone? If you’re anything like me…it’s a lot. Y’all, Zoey is not even a year old and I have AT LEAST 3000 pictures of her.

One of my legit worst fears is losing my photos of them. Call me dramatic, but just the thought of it turns my stomach. For all of my professional photography sessions I work solely off of an external hard drive, but all of my personal photos are found only on my computer.

Picture Keeper- Photo Storage Backup

So when Picture Keeper offered me the opportunity to try their product, I JUMPED at the chance. And y’all- I absolutely love this thing and will use them always!

This post is sponsored by Picture Keeper, but all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. You can read my full disclosure policy here

What is it?

Photo Backup- Picture Keeper Review

So the Picture Keeper is an incredibly sophisticated flash drive. It comes in varying sizes so you can choose one based on your needs, but y’all it’s so smart! The last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is sitting down and manually backing up all of my photos. No. Thank You. So this device gets plugged into your computer, you click launch and choose what type of files you want it to find (photos, videos, documents, or music). Then Picture Keeper scours your computer and finds all of the matching files for you and backs them up. What’s really great is that as it finds the files, it gives you the option of saving it to backup. That way you don’t use space saving pictures you don’t need backed up.

Backing Up Photos Made Simple

Backing Up Your Photos

This whole process took about 20 minutes, and I had to do something for about…20 seconds. The rest of the time was the device searching my computer and backing up my photos while I was spending time with my kiddos. This is literally the perfect device for mamas everywhere- it ensures quality backup of your personal photos, which we cherish so incredibly much, but without requiring us to sacrifice something equally as precious- time.

Why does it matter?

I won’t speak for every single mom out there…but photos, y’all, are priceless to me. A single photo of my son at 6 months old will send me back to his little giggles as he tries to sit up, his fuzzy little hair that just grew straight up. Those memories are irreplaceable, nothing can take me back to those memories as well as photos. I would be devastated if anything happened to them. Like probably most parents, I’ve been meaning to back up my pictures, but, well, #life. And also, again, it’s pretty much the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day. Or the middle of the day. Or anytime during the day.

Picture Keeper is the easiest tool EVER. I love that I can plug it in and walk away. That’s it. When it’s finished backing up, it tells you how many files it found and backed up, and how much space it used and is left.

Picture KeeperMarch 31st is World Backup Day, so it’s the perfect time to make sure you protect your photos! Y’all, I’ve had 2 computers crash on me in my time, no warning. It’s a real thing, it happens, and you can legit lose everything! This device takes away all excuses to protect your priceless photos and videos. I had 3000 photos. I can’t even tell you how upset I would have been if I had lost them. But all those photos and it only used 17% of my 32 GB Picture Keeper, so I know I have plenty of space for all my photos to come!

photo backup

And just in time for World Backup Day, Picture Keeper is helping me do a GIVEAWAY!

World Backup Day GiveawayAnd they’re also giving 50% off any size Picture Keeper Pro with promo code MamaMoments50, so make sure to go HERE to take advantage of that and back up your photos! You work hard to capture the moments of you kids, so make sure they’re safe and backed up forever- and get yourself the Picture Keeper!

Have a phenomenal day!

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