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Overcoming the Slump with Simply Earth

I’m just recently back from a trip to Puerto Rico. I came back to Charlotte with grandiose ideas about being unendingly patient and gentle with my kids. With a relaxed and refreshed attitude (and a good tan), I was ready to take on the SAHM gig again.

Until later that afternoon when I found myself yelling at my kid because after a 30 minute tantrum I just couldn’t.take.more.

The truth is, coming back to reality was hard from my son after being at his grandparents’ for a week. I for sure didn’t anticipate this. Our sleep has been interrupted and boundaries have been tested. It wrecked me, and I found myself wondering the the freaking hell was I struggling so bad? I should be so relaxed after a vacation!

But y’all, all the vacations in the world won’t fix the fact that there are really hard seasons and transitions with kids. And life, in general. The most you can do is find ways to support your body and mind and keep on keepin’ on. After talking with a lot of friends and seeing hard things on social media, I feel like there’s a lot of emotions just welling up under this month already.

But I’m working on having a more positive attitude. Instead of wallowing, we’re recognizing, adjusting, and supporting. So let’s just say that March’s Simply Earth subscription box was more than welcome!

Simply Earth March Subscription Box

You’ve been hearing me rave about Simply Earth for a good 2 months now. If you missed it, you can catch up on the basics here, but I’m still just as obsessed with this company.

I love using oils to help support my body and mind throughout the day. My bedroom usually has some form of lavender blend to provide a calming environment before bed. Same with my kids’ room. The kitchen is kind of a toss up of what I’m feeling that day. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t constantly pumping out my new favorite blend…

March’s subscription box is all about boosting your mood. Timely, right? As with every box, this one came with 4 oils, 6 recipes, and materials to make said recipes. It does not get any easier than this!

What’s Included

  • Orange Oil
  • Cypress Oil
  • Patchouli Oil
  • Energy Blend Oil
  • Inhaler
  • Lava rock beads
  • Reed diffusers
  • 6 recipe cards + bonus recipe

Recipes this month include an anxiety diffuser blend (also great to put in the inhaler so you have it on the go), a creative zone blend (so perfect for my upcoming wedding season!), a joy diffuser blend (my new fave!), a grief diffuser blend, and a recipe to make your own reed diffusers (which I filled with, surprise, joy blend).

simply earth essential oils

I’ll be honest that I’ve never smelled an oil and immediately felt something. Until this joy blend. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just makes me happy. It’s uplifting and calming and just good.

I put the reed diffuser in our living room. We walk past it a ton between the kids room and the toy room, and it smells so good and uplifting! I am loving having this blend fill up our home!

essential oils reed diffuser

I also dropped the same blend onto the lava bead rocks and have them strung up in my car. Legit cannot get enough!

So much sadness and heartbreaking news has been passing around. I feel this more as I get older. The grief blend is such a good support. While it doesn’t fix pain or make things go away, it’s a great way to support your body and emotions as you allow yourself time to process and grieve.

I’m so excited to try the creative zone blend while working and editing. This box in general is just so timely for me right now, and I’m loving how I’ve used it so far!

creative zone simply earth essential oils

Simply Earth goods

Ok, the good stuff! Make sure to use my code BLACKMONFREE when you subscribe to get a $40 giftcard! You can use this on a future purchase or box, so it’s basically like getting the second month for free! Or you can check out their other products here and get what you need. While you’re on the site, make sure to take advantage of their amazing educational materials! One of my favorite parts of this company is how much educational material they offer.

As a reminder, Simply Earth has been selling out about halfway through the month. If you subscribe after they’ve sold out, they’ll still send a starter box along with the big bonus box to get some goods in your hands. But to make sure you get in for future months, go ahead and subscribe early!

simply earth essential oils

Other ways to boost your mood

In case you’re wanting some other ways to naturally boost your mood-

  • Get out! Truly, getting out of the house does wonders for me. Whether it’s just to the park with kids or grabbing a coffee with a book, it’s a constant uplifter.
  • Yoga! I realize this might not be for everyone. But truly one of my favorite parts of practicing yoga has been learning to focus and be present in where I am. Focusing on the practice allows everything else to fall away for an hour. I find afterwards I’m able to be so much more present and calm.
  • Coffee! No explanation needed.
  • Vent sesh. Listen, I don’t love complaining. But sometimes it’s just really helpful to hear that someone else is going through something hard. Wether it’s for advice or just a listening ear, talk with a close friend and get it off your chest!
  • Practice your passion. Whatever that looks like for you. When I start to get really slumped, I can almost tell it’s been too long since I’ve been behind the camera for a session. I miss it- the creativity, the challenge, the interaction. And it starts to show in my attitude.
  • Go kid free! My husband knows when I start to act a type of way, he takes the kids. Even if it’s just to the farmers market and grocery store by myself, I can think or just be without the constant demands of “MOMMY”, and it makes the biggest difference.
  • Clean! I HATE cleaning, but nothing makes me feel better than being in a clean space!

Alright friends, what do you do?! When you’re in a slump, what lifts your mood and makes you come back to life?! I’d love to hear in the comments!

And don’t forget to check out Simply Earth! If you’re wondering how we begin our day with Simply Earth, make sure to check out this post!

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I was gifted items in an exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, but you’re happy to read my full disclosure if ya like. Also, post may contain affiliate links.

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