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Friday 5 – 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

I feel like my life has 2 modes. Nothing is new, nothing is different, no change, nothing going on. Or all of the things are new and different and so much going on.

I feel like a million things are new and different, but like I can’t exactly pinpoint it all, ya know? I know. It’s weird. Let’s just go with I’m trying some new things.

And that brings us to today’s post! I really wanted to share with y’all 5 things that are new to me that I’m LOVING lately. There is no specific theme and this post is 100% not sponsored. I just love sharing what I’m loving!

Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant

So if you follow me on Instagram, there’s a chance you’ve seen me talk about this. I’ve been looking for a more natural deodorant, specifically just one that didn’t have aluminum. I tried another brand felt like I just smelled bad, so when I passed this charcoal and magnesium deodorant for $4.99, I decided to give a try.


It’s a natural product, and I’ve been assured by friends who are much crunchier than I am that it’s actually a really clean brand. The charcoal will also help detoxify, and I’ve worn it through workouts in 80+ degree heat and haven’t smelled like BO. So, that’s a definite win. I will say, though, that the charcoal (I think) is a little tingly. Right after I shave it can feel like chafing for a little bit. It’s not the most comfortable sensation. I’m willing to put up with a few minutes of that, though, for all of the benefits! And the price, y’all. It’s so much cheaper than what I was paying for my regular deodorant!

Charcoal Mask

I tragically ran out of my Saranghae skin care the other week. Remember when I talked about how much I loved it? I wasn’t lying. BUT it is pricey. We’re trying to save money, so I decided to a skin care line at Target that seemed a little nicer than Clean & Clear.

Y’all. My skin reacted SO BADLY. I’m talking breakouts like I have never had before. I ditched the skincare but cannot get my face to recover. This mask, though, is super helpful in my efforts to get my face back to normal. I’m trying to use it about once a week, and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin tone and splotchiness. I’m still working on recovering my whole face but getting there! I’ve also recently switched to charcoal make up remover wipes (apparently I’m becoming a big believer in charcoal), and I think that’s helping, too.

This mask feels a little tingly too, but you only keep it on for 10 minutes. Face masks are nooot relaxing for me, but I love it for 10 minutes and the difference I see afterwards!


This is my newest book club book, and I love it. I will say I’m only about 3/4 of the way through, but it’s so good. It reminds me a lot of The Glass Castle which I loved. The writing is so good, and the storyline just really is both enlightening and frightening. But gosh, so much to learn from this woman and her story.

Also, if my endorsement isn’t enough, Obama recommended it. Which also means, you need to buy this one cause it’s like, a 3 year wait at the library.

John Crist

So I won’t say John Crist is new. I’ve seen some of his videos on Facebook before. But I don’t know what it is this past week, I’m like, obsessed with him. He’s HILARIOUS. His videos are so funny, and I think I just love how dry he is. His Instagram stories kill me, and you can tell he’s just naturally funny. I appreciate that he can mock and roast things in culture or people without it coming across as mean spirited or like he’s putting it down. It’s just acknowledging truth in a really funny way. He makes a lot of videos about Christian culture and I think growing up in that makes me appreciate it sooo much.

Anyway. Go watch all of his videos. They’re all hysterical. Especially Sponsor A Millennial.

Rise Podcast

I was never huge into podcasts, but I’m starting to really love listening to them over music in the car. They’re just really motivational and inspiring, and I’ve really learned how much knowledge can be absorbed just through listening to others.

I know everyone is going crazy with Rachel Hollis over her book, Girl, Wash Your Face. That’s on my to-read list, but without even reading that, I have a major girl crush on her. She’s so funny and true to life. Her podcast is amazing. So often she’s said something on her podcast, and I’m just like, “are we the same person?!” So relatable, and I love the interviews she has on there. She and her husband are also amazing and have their own podcast, Rise Together, which is turning into another fave. So anyway. If you aren’t already on the Rachel Hollis bandwagon, hop on. Rise Podcast is SO GOOD, and you should listen to it.

And that’s it! Keeping it simple, but I’d love if you have tried any of these things and your experience! Also- leave me a comment telling me what you’re loving lately! Would to keep trying some new things and adding them to my “loving lately” list!

Have a phenomenal day!

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