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5 Unique and Experiential Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fun and Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Almost halfway through 2018, y’all! And June means one thing (well, multiple things, but one BIG thing).


So a confession here. I’m actually usually really terrible at shopping for men. My dad and brother have never been easy to buy for, and now my husband is near impossible. I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns this year, though. I figured if I wrote a post about some Father’s Day ideas, it would prompt me to stay ahead of this year. I’ve rounded up some great ideas, and I’m so excited to share these!

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gifts Less Ordinary

Y’all, this company is killing the Father’s Day game! They offer so many unique options, and what is so great is that almost all of them can be completely CUSTOMIZED! I think customized gifts are so personal and convey a lot of thoughtfulness. Gifts Less Ordinary has everything from customizable pillows to engraved glasses, cuff links to aprons and onesies. Watches, photo frames, personalized socks, bottle openers, bar glasses, customized travel bags, and wallets are also offered. Best part is the FREE SHIPPING worldwide, which is so rare and amazing to find! They have a wide variety of price points, as well, so you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your guy’s style and your budget. If you don’t have any ideas of what to get for Father’s Day, just spend a few minutes perusing their site, and I’m pretty sure your cart will fill up pretty quickly!

Man Crates

This site offers gift baskets that come in literal crates. They have different categories so you can find one based off of your man’s interests, and each category offers a myriad of options so you can choose one tailored to his specific interests. Some of these crates are also customizable, and they’re definitely guaranteed to be a one of a kind gift!

Beer America

This gift is such a cool one! I did this for my dad about two years ago, and he still talks about how much he loved it! Beer America is a beer subscription service, so each month (you can choose the length of the subscription) the recipient gets 12 (lots of craft!) beers delivered right to his door. The beers are shipped in an insulated cooler so they arrive cold. They come with a newsletter describing the origin of the beers, as well as a unique bottle opener. My dad said these are beers he wouldn’t have otherwise been able to try, and he loved reading the history behind each one. We did a 6 month subscription for him, and it was something he really looked forward to every month! Definitely consider this if you have a beer lover you’re shopping for!

Wine of The Month Club

I know wine is usually suggested for Mother’s Day, but lets break some stereotypes here. Lots of men really enjoy wine. Similar to the Beer America concept, the wine of the month club offers 4 different subscription options so you can choose the best fit for your recipient. Each wine is hand selected and wine they probably wouldn’t be able to find in their local grocery store. You can choose the length of the subscription, and again, it’s an ongoing gift that will give him a little something extra to look forward to each month!

Golfing Day

As we just had Mother’s Day, I noticed how many women received spa days as gifts. SO GREAT. I love a spa day, and everyone deserves one. I think a great gift would be to give a golf day for Father’s Day. My husband loves golfing, but as it’s time consuming and not the cheapest hobby, he doesn’t get to go often. A gift certificate he has to use, some colluding with his closest friends, and a pass to even grab some food afterwards makes for the perfect dad’s day out!

5 Unique and Experience Based Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gifts are always so hard for me because we aren’t “stuff” people. We don’t want random knick knacks around the house, and absolutely no offense to craftier people, but we don’t want 12 million drawings of our kids hands all over the house, either (ya know, the go-to parent gifts). I love these gift ideas because they can either be customizable, which inherently makes it sentimental, or it’s an experience. My family loves to give experience gifts! If you try one of these out, let me know which one and how it was received! Hope all the dad’s out there have a happy Father’s Day!

Have a phenomenal day!

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