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Fall Tree Handprint- Easy Toddler Activity

Fall Craft and Activities For Mom's and Toddlers

Y’all, I have a really fun and easy craft to share with you today!

If you know me at all, you may know that I am not necessarily the most craftiest of people (my sister is laughing at how much of an understatement that is). But I’ve been trying to stretch my creativity a little bit to think of fun, easy activities I can do with Oliver when we’re home all day.

I have a few prerequisites, though. First and foremost, it needs to be simple. Generally Zoey is either crying or crawling around while we’re trying to do crafts. I need something that doesn’t involve too much setup or clean up. Oliver also has an incredibly short attention span, so I need something that he can grasp quickly.

I like my crafts to be seasonal. I love trying to celebrate the new seasons with some crafts we can hang on our fridge! I’ve been so pumped about fall lately that I really wanted to try a fall activity for Oliver.

Lastly, it obviously has to be cute. I’m a sucker for handprint projects, y’all, because I loooove looking back and seeing how tiny their little hands were. I’m not good at doing the mold thinks, so I love simple projects like this that I can incorporate a handprint into. Then I just pop it in his babybook and have a glimpse of his tiny little hand I can look at when he’s 18 and graduating and I’m a mess. *cue all the tears*

(Please excuse the less than beautiful photos. Trying to take photos while making sure my entire kitchen doesn’t get painted is not an easy task.)

Fall Handprint Tree

This “project” is so simple, y’all, but we had a blast! We had all the materials on hand (hello, budget friendly), but what you’ll need is:

  • paper (we just used regular construction paper)
  • paint (we used a mix of finger paint and kids washable paint- just what we had on hand!)
  • q-tips
  • small paintbrush
  • bowls (or a palette or plate- just something to put paint on/in!)
  • drop cloth/newspaper (maybe you won’t need this if your kids are a little older/less messy than mine!)

Fall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity

We started by painting Oliver’s hand brown. He really liked this part and kept squishing his fingers together! Then I just had him press it on the paper. We then used a paintbrush to just paint some brown and that completed our handprint tree base.

Fall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity

I then put different color paints in some Styrofoam bowls that we had, put a q-tip in each one, and let Oliver dot away to make little “leaves”. I’ll be honest here- Oliver was not so much digging the dotting process. I had to help him quite a bit with this, but we did two trees- one he could paint freely, and one where I really helped him with the dots.

Fall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity

As a tip- we did this project naked because at some point during the painting process, my son finds it super fun to paint himself. He has so much fun with it that we just roll with it and paint naked on a drop cloth.

Fall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity

And there you have it! It’s such a simple and easy craft! Oliver had a blast and it was such quick set up and clean up, which is a win in my book! I also love having his little handprint in an art project so I can show him when he’s 15 and say, “you used to be THAT SMALL!” (Yep, I’m that cheesy mom.)

Fall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler ActivityFall Handprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity

Let me know if you have any fun fall crafts or activities you like to do with your kiddos- I’d love to hear about it!

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Have a phenomenal day!

Fall Hanprint Tree- Easy Toddler Activity





Fall Craft and Activities For Mom's and Toddlers

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  • Reply
    Emily @ Pizza & Pull-ups
    September 18, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    Love it, I am totally going to do this with my littles. Last year we painted pumpkins, and I am planning to do that again this year, it was a lot of fun. Hope you have a great day!

  • Reply
    Mary Leigh
    September 18, 2017 at 10:33 pm

    Love this! I let Little paint naked around here, too because nobody has time for paint all over clothes. Change the diaper after, wash some hands and done!

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