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Essential Oils from A Non-Oiler

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, essential oils are all the rage. I kind of feel like they’re one of those things people either love or hate. I resisted them for a long time, but after a while I found myself getting curious.

essential oils for beginners

As I started wanting to go a little greener, as well, I found it pretty much impossible to not include oils a little bit more into our life. However, I’m not someone who has been able to fully buy in yet. I use some oils topically that I think work really well, but I haven’t noticed any oils that effect my moods as some people say.

All that to say- I’m obviously not an oil expert. There are so many great resources out there if you are really seeking to learn the science behind them or even more uses. (Here is a basic article if you’re brand new to essential oils!) I’m hoping to share my simple uses for oils as a non-super oily person in case there are others in the middle ground, like me, who appreciate certain benefits of oils without wanting to make it my life.

I feel I should also disclaim before I start that I am not a Young Living or Doterra or any other specific brand oil person. I try to make sure my oils are 100% pure always, I check the ingredients to make sure there are no fillers, and I opt for organic when I can. Many people in the former two companies claim store bought are terrible, but I’ve found success using them. Honestly, I can’t justify the budget, and I have no desire to sell them, so, just that disclaimer.

topical uses for oils

Like I mentioned above, I do notice oils help me (and my fam) more topically. Therefore those are the most common ways I use them.

Bug Spray

This is seriously the biggest way we use oils at home! My poor kiddos (and husband) get eaten alive by bugs in the summer. Especially in our backyard. Since we’ve never wanted our yard treated but we love to be outside, I really wanted a chemical free bugspray option. This works SO well for us, but I will say that we have to spray this liberally!!

4 oz water, 4 oz witch hazel, 15 drops each of peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oils in glass spray bottle

My husband, who is a little on the skeptical side of natural methods, swears this works great, so I’m calling it a major win.

Acne Treatment

Once upon a time I tried a new face wash. Even though this was a few months ago, I have not been able to get my face under control since. I have major acne prone spots. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly insecure about it at 30 years old. I recently started adding a drop of tea tree oil to my moisturizer, and I’ve noticed a big difference! It can also be used as a spot treatment. One drop on my finger, then directly on a spot that’s breaking out. If it’s just starting, it will be gone the next morning.

topical uses for essential oils

I tried lavender oil before because I had heard that can help. I noticed a little difference on evening my skin tone, but I’ll be honest that it didn’t help acne spots at all.


This one isn’t necessarily topical, but if you have a stuffy nose- just sniff eucalyptus oil. Maybe not really…but I do mix it with coconut oil and put it under my nose and on my chest. I also diffuse it right beside my bed. Seriously, one sniff makes my sinuses clear right up! If my kids are starting to get a little sniffly, I diffuse a few drops of this with lavender in their bedroom, as well.


Tea tree is raved about for its antibacterial properties. Since I have very accident prone kids, I typically have a mixture of tea tree with coconut oil on hand and will put this on their cuts and scrapes in place of Neosporin.

diffusing oils

I do diffuse oils pretty regularly. Again, not because they help or do anything with my moods, but because it just smells good. In our going-green journey, I’ve definitely learned about all of the chemicals in candles. I LOVE candles, but I’m trying to replace those with oils. Currently I have three diffusers- our bedroom, the kitchen, and the kids’ room.

essential oil diffuser

Our bedroom pretty much always has lavender + vanilla diffusing. It just smells so good. And I will say, I have this right next to my bed. I don’t sleep well, so inhaling lavender does help relax my mind a little bit when I go to bed.

For the kitchen, my favorite combo is peppermint + grapefruit + lemon + lavender. It smells so fresh and clean, which I love for the kitchen. I’ve heard tell this combo is supposed to help allergies, and since it seems like my daughter and husband are always having a little allergy thing happening, this is a constant.

The kids’ room is usually lavender or a mellow mix oil that I have. I know people swear by oils helping their kids calm down and sleep. That has never been my experience, but I diffuse anyway for the hope that one day it will work.

If anyone in my house is sick, I diffuse my medieval mix (another brands’ take on thieves oil, if you’ve heard of it), which is a germ killer! That gets diffused eeeverywhere to kill #allthegerms and prevent the rest of our house from getting infected- I mean, sick…


Like I’ve mentioned, we’re on a mission to get a little cleaner in our home. (You can read about ways were going cleaner in our kitchen and bathroom!) You can’t read too much about DIY cleaning recipes and more natural homes before you come across oils. From their cleaning properties to adding natural scents, they’re pretty unavoidable. I’ve been making my own all purpose cleaner. That always gets some lemon or orange or something citrus-y in it for the fresh scent.

Lemon oil is also pretty magical in the way it is a natural degreaser and cleaning agent. A few drops on my kids’ coloring table, and it does fairly well getting the crayon off. I for sure have to work a little harder than with a magic eraser, but it works!

I’ve previously made our own laundry detergent, and I dumped some lavender oil in there for the scent. It’s such a fresh smell, I’m obsessed. I also drop some drops on our wool dryer balls to add a lil’ somethin extra in the dryer.

lavender essential oil

Again, there are SO MANY great resources out there if you are looking for more scientific info. Also, if you’re looking to get really into oils, I can definitely connect you with people who know way more than I do. I’ve had fun learning as I go and coming up with ways to use this plant juice in a practical way for my family. They are a huge resource in this going-greener life!

If you found this at all helpful, it would be so great if you could pin it for later or share it with friends!

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