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simply earth essential oils recipe box

I received this product in exchange for my review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own (feel free to read my disclosure here).

Quarantine week 3 (or 1200, whichever), how’s it going?! I’ll be honest- we’re doing pretty well! I’m a more natural introvert, so I really don’t mind being at home. My kids, however, are incredibly extroverted. They love being out and about and seeing friends. It’s getting harder to explain to them why we can’t go all over town like we used to!

I am, however, finding time for all the projects we previously never had time for. Feel like I’m probably not alone in that. My house has honestly never been cleaner. Fridge and freezer have both been deep cleaned. My cabinets have been scrubbed. The house has been endlessly mopped and vacuumed. A garden bed has been built and installed (by my husband, not me). Numerous plants plotted and a flower bed dug in. We even brought out the pool and bought a sprinkler.

detox your home simply earth essential oils

AND WE STILL HAVE A WHOLE MONTH LEFT. I know it’s so important to stay home, so I’m truly doing my best not to complain! But seriously. I need to put more things on my to-do list, ha!

But since my house will be cleaned approximately 12 more times in the next 4 weeks, April’s Simply Earth subscription box is incredibly timely! The theme for next month’s box is Detox Your Home, and it’s so perfect for anyone looking to start ridding your home of toxic chemicals!

Why detox your home?

So in case you haven’t started this process yet- what is the benefit of detoxing your home?

Freedom from harmful chemicals. The cleaning products that you find on the shelves are full of toxic chemicals that studies have shown can lead to cancer, asthma, and a whole host of health related issues. (read more about this here) If I use a chemical laden window cleaner and then my kids go up and lick said window (not saying it has happened…but not saying it hasn’t happened), I want to not have to worry about what they’ve been exposed to and calling poison control. We started detoxing our home about 1.5 years ago because I really wanted to provide the safest possible environment for our kids and ourselves. I’ve been trying to use up “typical” cleaning products, and I now get the biggest headache and cannot stop coughing if I inhale near them. That’s not normal.

Greenwashing has also become incredibly big. Companies know that people want to be more conscientious of what they’re buying. They can label anything “green” or “natural”, but it means nothing. So many people pay more for these “greener” brands, but horrible chemicals are still listed in the ingredients. Fragrance, for instance, can hide up to 200 chemicals that do not need to be disclosed to you. So even if all other ingredients look good, if fragrance is in your ingredient list…don’t buy it! (you can read more about this here)

Enter natural cleaning

The easiest way to detox and make sure you’re using the cleanest products possible for your family is to make them yourself. It does not take much to make these, and it will save you so much money in the long run! It’s typically some basic household products you probably already have….and essential oils. If you feel comfortable, you can try to use up what you already have. As you start running out, though, I challenge you to start making your own. Simply Earth is a company I fully trust to help me make these swaps simply and affordably!

simply earth essential oils

You’ve heard me rave about Simply Earth so many times before, and I even shared previously about how they help make it easier to go greener in your home.

They’re making it even easier this month.

Simply Earth April Box

Included in this month’s box-

  • Clean + Fresh blend
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Spray bottle
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Bamboo toothbrush

And, as always, this box includes 6 recipes. Included in this month are recipes for a shine spray, a happy home diffuser blend, a gunk remover (I use this so much for my glass jars!), a roller blend, furniture polish, and grout scrub.

I’ve absolutely loved incorporating these month’s recipes into my cleaning routine! The gunk remover is so great to help me get labels off glass jars so I can reuse them. The shine spray works great to remove little kid fingerprints from my dishwasher, and the diffuser blend is legit my new favorite (I think I say that every month…but their diffuser blends are SO good, y’all!).

detox your home

One of my favorite things about Simply Earth is just how simple they make everything. It can get really overwhelming to think about detoxing your entire home in one go. Simply Earth gives you tangible things to swap out, as well as the materials needed to do so. And for a cost that’s less than what you spend on two or three oils alone!

The perks

And of course, the perks included for reading this post. Make sure to use code BLACKMONFREE if you subscribe to get a $40 gift card. The monthly box is $39, so you’re essentially getting your second month’s box for free! Or you can use that gift card to purchase any of their products HERE.

These boxes are getting really popular, so they are selling out about halfway through the month! If that happens, you’ll receive a starter box as well as the big bonus box to get you started and to make sure you are on the list for the next month’s box. Either way I suggest signing up early, especially for this one! I think with everything happening in our world, people are cleaning and working to detox like crazy. I have a feeling this will be favorite!

detoxing your home with Simply Earth essential oils

I hope you take advantage of the amazing box this month! Have you been working to detox your home?! And how are you all surviving quarantine?!

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