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Best Books- Toddler Picks

Best Books According to a Toddler

Hello, hello, friends! I hope you are all doing marvelously.

So a bit back I did a post on my favorite books, and I had so much fun writing it! I’m now bringing you another post about books- my toddler’s favorites!

Best Books- Toddler Picks

My sister is what one may call an avid reader. That’s a complete understatement, but it suits my purposes for right now. When I got pregnant with Oliver, she took it as her life mission to make sure the kid had more books than any child needs. He had a bigger library before he was born than most people have in a lifetime.

Out of at least 60 books, though, Oliver has picked himself a few favorites. He’s only two, but kid knows what he likes.

Best Books- Toddler Picks

I’ll preface by saying that Oliver has wide range of taste…and holiday books are not confined to a specific time of year.

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Oliver’s first favorites…

Best Books- Toddler PicksLittle Blue Truck (and accompanying books)

These were the original favorites. The first books of his that I had completely memorized. When he ‘reads’ these he always ends with the ‘beep beep’, and it’s probably my favorite thing ever. And yes, the Christmas one is read all year long. Spoiler: there’s a mini lightshow on the last page. Oliver opens to it and just goes, “woooow”. The second cutest thing ever.

The current favorites…

Best Books- Toddler Picks

Dinosaur books. Oliver loves dinosaurs more than he loves grapes, y’all, and that’s a big deal. I bought Dinosaurumpus for him for Easter last year. Let’s just say that the first time I read this book to Oliver I thought it was a bust. I could not pronounce the dinosaur names and I didn’t get how the rhyming flowed. I now have this book COMPLETELY memorized, people. Biggest hit. (There’s also a hilarious video of my brother in law reading this book to Oliver pointing out all of the historical discrepancies.  Literally brought me to tears.)

The Dr. Seuss collection…

Best Book- Toddler Picks(Alright, so Go, Dog, Go isn’t technically Dr. Seuss. But it looks like it and we’re counting it.) Let’s just say all of these are memorized. Quick story of how smart my kid is- I started reciting a page of Oh, The Places You’ll Go (because I have the whole thing memorized), and he went to his bookshelf of 60+ books and he found it and pulled it out and brought it to me. Kid’s a genius (objectively speaking).

Best Books- Toddler PicksThese are also the current favorites. Honestly, the Bible Stories book he doesn’t let me read to him, but he’s obsessed with paging through and asking what every single animal is. Every single one. Every day. Included in this set up- Polar Bear Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? This book has pages literally torn because of how often I’ve read it. Oliver went through a major Eric Carle kick for a time (I think every toddler does). Also included, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. After reading this book 12 billion times, my best advice is this- just don’t give a mouse a cookie!

Where the Wild Things Are is another favorite, and I love that he loves My ABC’s of God Loves Me. Such a sweet book that lets me start telling him about Jesus already! Where You Go…I Go rounds out this collection. I’m pretty sure this one is just a favorite because of the elephants.

And lastly…

Best Books- Toddler PicksItsy Bitsy Spider. I literally read this book 25 times in one day before. This used to be the only book he would read. Giraffes Can’t Dance…this one is a fun one that is also memorized, but I don’t hate it. The Little Engine That Could…I know this is a good moral story and all, but to be honest, I’m real tired of this book. B is for Breakdancing Bear is a fun ABC book…courtesy of my sister. And Five Little Ghosts, which has not been limited to Halloween and is a cult classic in the Blackmon household.

Best Books- Toddler Picks

I love that my little toddler loves reading! I’m really hoping this continues as he gets older, I’m just hoping he gets a few new favorites along the way! If you’re looking for some more suggestions, make sure to visit my Baby Bookworms page– this has so many books and is constantly updated, so make sure you check back!

Best Books- Toddler PicksWhat are some of your toddler favorites? We’re looking for new faves around here!

Have a phenomenal day!

Best Books- Toddler Picks





Best Books According to a Toddler










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