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A Greener Home with Simply Earth

I received product in exchange for my review, but all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Links in this post may be affiliate links- you can view my disclosure policy here, if you’re interested.

I recently posted about how we practically use essential oils in our home as we move towards less toxic + less waste living. It’s an undertaking for sure, and if I’m honest, it’s incredibly easy for me to get overwhelmed.

122. That’s the number of pins I have on my essential oil board on Pinterest. Everything from room sprays to diffuser blends to massage oils to rollers…so many things. But again, it gets incredibly overwhelming.

So that makes it so much more exciting to me that I have found the best thing in the world.

Simply Earth Essential Oils.

simply earth essential oils

Why Simply Earth

So what’s so great about this company?

The basics- Simply Earth has a monthly subscription box + individual products. Their oils are 100% pure, they display the quality reports on their website, they have a map of where they source all their oils, and they work closely with them to create the best oils possible. They choose regions ethically and work directly with them farmers when it’s time to harvest the plants for oils. It’s incredibly impressive, and it makes me feel so good knowing that I’m getting such a high quality product.

Simply Earth donates 13% of their profits to fight human trafficking. I love a company that gives back, so I appreciate that so much!

The company is run by a certified aromatherapist, so I feel great that everything is safe for me and my kiddos.

How does it make life easier?

SUBSCRIPTION. BOX. Listen. I know these are all the rage right now. You can get a subscription box for everything. But very few of them can seriously change your life and help you achieve your goals faster.

One of our goals is going greener and having less toxins in our home. Guess what? It’s Simply Earth’s goal to help us do that. Each month, they send a themed subscription box with 4 15ml bottles of a pure essential oil. They send 6 recipes cards for various ways to make your home greener. AND they include all the necessary supplies to help you do it!

One of the biggest reasons I rarely go into my good ole Pinterest board and make something off of it is because it requires a good bit- the roller bottles or the spray bottles or the carrier oil or an oil I don’t have. It adds up quickly. I am so excited that Simply Earth gives you every thing you need to make the recipes they send you. It’s so easy!

January’s Box

I got the opportunity to receive the box for January, and y’all- I’m obsessed. The January box included 4 oils- lemon, clary sage, ho wood, and relief (one of their blends). It also came with a little spray bottle, a squeeze bottle, and avocado oil. The 6 recipe cards included recipes for the following-

  • Meditation diffuser blend
  • Relief roll on oil
  • Refresh room spray
  • Relax + Detox foot bath
  • Relief massage oil
  • Circulation Boost Body Butter

PLUS. When you first subscribe to Simply Earth, you not only receive the monthly box, but you receive what they call the Bonus Box. This is extras you can use for the recipes or your own personal use. Included in this was solid coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil, almond oil, 6 rollers, 6 5ml oil bottles, and beeswax. Y’all, this box is $39 a month- to buy half of that stuff would have cost me easily double that.

The first thing I made was the refresh room spray. I quit using Febreeze because it’s pretty toxic, and I’m so so impressed with how good this room spray smells and how well it works!

simply earth essential oils

We also tried the relief massage oil early on. This is supposed to provide soothing pain relief, and let’s just say Dan’s been pretty sore from working out lately, ha! This worked so great and smelled amazing! The relief roll on is the same way, but great for on the go.

The diffuser blend they included was also amazing and so calming. I’ve never even heard of Ho Wood oil before, but it’s legit my new favorite.

I just truly loved that I could sit down and make some of these recipes so quickly and easily. Everything I needed was already provided, so it was as simple as mixing ingredients. And again, because of the purity of the ingredients, even my son could help me without me worrying!

simply earth essential oils

The final conclusion?

I feel like it’s pretty obvious since this whole post has been me gushing, but I truly love this company. Their values are everything I can stand behind, their motivation is oil education to EVERYONE and they have numerous educational resources on their website, and their goal is to help me go towards a cleaner and greener home. They actually provide the tools to make that happen, even in my busy season of life. This January box already helped us replace room spray and whatever chemical filled muscle relief thing my husband’s races were giving him.

The Coupon Code + what you need to know

Simply Earth is being the beest and gave me a coupon code to share with y’all! Make sure to go their site HERE and if you subscribe to their box, you’ll receive a $40 gift card you can use on your next/future purchase if you use code BLACKMONFREE. The monthly subscription is $39, so you could essentially get your second box for free by subscribing and using code BLACKMONFREE. Or you can use that $40 gift cards towards any other future purchase.

Just a note that they have been selling out of their monthly boxes, so that means 2 things. 1- order fast! 2- if they happen to sell out of their monthly box, they have a Starter box (this also comes with the bonus box!) that is offered if the monthly box sells out. This way Simply Earth is still able to quickly put a box in your hand!

Y’all, I truly truly love this company and all they stand for. The price point is so affordable for anyone (trust me, we are majorly on a budget and can still find room for this!), it’s such a high quality product, and it truly will help you have a cleaner, greener home. If that’s something you’ve been looking for, look no further- subscribe and enjoy! And then we can chat about what we made that month and how much we love it, ha!

simply earth essential oils

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