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Without trying to sound dramatic…I’m in a bit of a season of figuring out who I am. Not necessarily in the deeper, “who am I and what is my purpose” kind of way. But in a, “what do I really like and what does that mean about me” kind of way.

And I’ll say that all of this was kickstarted by wanting to redo and update my house. Not proud to admit it, but I’m still rocking some early-Pinterest, just married DIY crafts in my house, circa 2011. But in wanting to do my house, I want it done in a way I truly love, that will last for a long time and won’t just be out of trend in a year or two.

If you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, there’s an episode where Lorelei doesn’t know if she likes pop tarts. Would she have liked them if her mom served them to her on a silver platter? And I think that’s like my “what do I like” situation right now. Do I just want my house this way because it’s trendy and what everyone else likes? Or do I realllly like this??

ALL OF THIS TO SAY. I thought I’d share some things that are absolutely true of me.

1. I seriously do love s’mores. So much. Like, if it says “s’mores” on the label, there’s a 99.8% chance imma buy it.

2. Carbs make up pretty much the entirety of my food pyramid. Which is probably why the Paleo/Whole 30 thing will just never actually work out for me.

3. Blue was my favorite color all growing up, and I still love it. But when it comes to decorating my house…I am not at all drawn to blue.

4. I am a homebody. About once a month or so I get the urge to go out. But for the most part, give me a movie and some pizza and a Pepsi, and I’m ??.

5. Pepsi > Coke

6. I only like lemon flavored fruit candy. The rest are ?. Which is why chocolate is my preferred candy of choice.

7. I utterly despise whales. Like, truly, they are the most terrifying creatures. See point 8.

8. Thalassophobia is fear of a deep, dark body of water…I have that. Just google it, and the first pictures that show up make me want to vomit.

9. I am also petrified out of outer space. I will *rarely* watch a movie that takes place in space, and if it came down to death or living in a space station…I’ll see ya in Heaven.

10. The trailers for horror movies have been known to give me nightmares. My friends make me watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose in college…only horror movie I’ve ever seen, and I’m pretty sure I had a mild panic attack afterwards.

(A lot of these are revolving around fears…)

11. I LOVE photography. I know as a photographer this is not a surprise, but seriously. I get so much joy from just going out and being able to shoot, and then coming back and editing that image to make it into what I want. I just love it.

12. I love my kids, and I’m so grateful to not have to miss time with them. But I am not a stay at home personality. This has been an amazing but challenging season, and I’m so grateful to have found blogging and photography to provide some intellectual stimulation.

13. Carrie Underwood is goals. Just everything about her. I love her.

14. I used to make fun of my mom for having a boring wardrobe (black and gray), but the older I get, the more I tend to pick out…gray and black…

15. My fashion sense is what one might call…eclectic. Everyday wear, I like athleisure and casual and comfortable. On Sunday’s and special occasions, I love getting a little dressed up, or at least dressing cute. I love blush pink and I live in pearl earrings, but other days I love the more boho/trendy look. I can’t commit to one style because I like them all (well, most)!

16. I love having my nails painted, and I’m way more drawn to darker nail colors. I always regret it when I go light.

17. I truly love reading. My favorite genres are historical fiction and thriller/mystery. But I’m also a person who has a hard time quitting a book. I’m working on that, because life is too short to read bad books.

18. I despise cleaning so much, but I loooove a clean house. When we win the lottery, I’m hiring a cleaning service.

19. I am kind of fascinated by serial killers. They’re so interesting to me! I love fictional shows about them (like Criminal Minds), I just can’t watch them toooo much or else I do get really haunted by them.

20. I am ruled by my sweet tooth. Someday I might try to fight it a little more, but that time is not now.

21. I. Love. Chocolate. Milk.

22. As much as I love Starbucks (and I do), I much prefer a local coffee shop. I love finding and checking out new places! Dan and I had one of our first dates at a local coffee shop in Long Beach, and since then it’s been a thing.

23. I am not a touchy feeling person. Pretty sure physical touch is the last of my love languages. Dan gets a few minutes of cuddle time before we go to sleep, but then I like my space. (But let’s be real, I’ll cuddle my kiddos all day long.)

24. TENNIS. There are 8 glorious weeks during the year, and those are the two week long 4 major tournaments. It’s a bucket list item to make it to all of the tournaments. I played in high school, but it’s just such a FUN sport to watch! Federer is my fave player, and if you’re a Nadal fan…byyyyyye.

25. I’m a tad awkward during greetings. Like if I meet you in real life and you go for a hug, chances are my hand is already out for a handshake and it’ll be a real awkward side-hug-handshake thing. I just wish there were one universal way of greeting each other to keep it simple.

26. I really like having my make up done. Even if my hair is a mess and I’m still in pjs, I just feel more…together. I typically don’t go longer than 2-3 days without wearing it!

So that’s it! I’m thinking you may have learned more about me than you wanted, but maybe now you feel like you know my a little better. ?

Oh, 27. I LOVE PinkBlush. This comfy striped long sleeve top is he perfect lightweight addition to fall, and I’m obsessed with it. Anything that lets me live in leggings and boots is a huge YES from me, so make sure to get it here!

have a phenomenal day!

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    Mary Leigh @ Live Well Play Together
    August 29, 2018 at 10:48 am

    i love posts likw this! I’m with you on the sweet tooth! And thevok to watch mystery shows, but not scary movies. But, Coke>Pepsi. 😉

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